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Heat Resistant High Precision Continuous Sliding Torque Limiter Clutch

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high precision Torque Limiter Clutch


continuous sliding Torque Limiter Clutch


high precision torque slip clutch

Product Description

Torque Limiter Clutch


Magnetic clutch characteristics
(1) high-precision control of the torque of the torque control is very wide, and high control accuracy, to convey the torque and exciting current to the correct ratio, highly accurate control can be achieved.
(2) superior durability, heat-resistant and long life, wear, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance of superalloy magnetic powder and long life.

(3) the stability of the magnetic properties superior magnetic characteristics of good constant torque, and mutual bonding force between the particles settled, the sliding torque is very stable, not related to the number of revolutions can endure relatively constant torque.
(4) excellent continuous sliding operation using the heat dissipation and thermal deformation uniform cooling structure, the magnetic powder together with high heat resistance, allowing coupling and braking power and the slide power, the operation can be smoothly slide, not
Cause vibration.
(5) connecting smoothly, no impact shock at minimum links, no impact can be smoothly started, stopped. And minimum torque resistance, without causing unnecessary heat.
(6) for frequency agile operation of the fast response and special cooling structure, used for high-frequency operation.
(7) light weight, maintenance-free, long life, simple lightweight type, the coil and the use of special high temperature bearing grease, and subjected to a special process for the armature wear prone to abrasion and prolong life.

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